Maurice Blackburn Client Interview

Interviewing, while on the surface may appear relatively simple, is an exceedingly difficult skill to master, calling for the strictest of professionalism and the upmost of tact. It is paramount in the legal profession, undertaken by solicitors on a daily basis. Competitors are required to uncover as much information from their client as possible within the space of time afforded them, while also being sympathetic to said client’s needs, expectations and concerns.

The Open Client Interview this year was sponsored by:

LogoA massive congratulations to our top two teams:

    1. Hans Nimb and Ashleigh Alt (Winners)
    2. Jasmine Altinkaya and Erika Wilson (Runners-up)

Our winners then went on to represent us all in the ALSA Client Interviewing Competition and competed in Brisbane against universities from across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The Association for Law Students at Griffith University, Gold Coast