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GriffithLSA Competition Registration

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Junior Competitions

The LSA’s Junior Championships will take place in weeks 4 through 10 of semester two. These competitions are open only to students in their first and second year of their undergraduate law degree, and will include:

  • The Allens Junior Client Interview - A team of two competitors will interview a client to understand the facts in issue and deliver preliminary legal advice, having regard to the needs of their individual client. Client interviewing requires legal knowledge, the ability to build a rapport and the utmost professionalism and tact.

Round 1:                              Tuesday, 19 August                       (Week 4)

Semi-Final:                        Tuesday, 2 September                  (Week 6)

Grand Final:                      TBA

  • The College of Law Junior Negotiation - This competition will involve two opposing teams, pitted against one another to negotiate a dispute on behalf of their respective clients with the aim of resolving a conflict and reaching a favourable outcome.

Round 1:                              Friday, 22 August                            (Week 4)

Semi-Final:                        Thursday, 4 September                (Week 6)

Grand Final:                      TBA

  • The Ashurst Junior Moot - A mock appellate trial in which each team will present opposing arguments relating to a single factual scenario. Teams must use their advocacy skills and legal knowledge to convince the judge to rule in their favour.

Round 1:                              Tuesday, 26 August                       (Week 5)

Semi-Final:                        Wednesday, 3 September          (Week 6)

Grand Final:                      TBA

  • The GriffithLSA Junior IHL Moot - A team of two competitors will present submissions before the Special Court concerning the culpability of an individual accused of committing serious breaches of international customs and conventions during times of conflict.

Round 1:                              Friday, 10 October                          (Week 10)


To register for one or more of the above competitions, please click here.

Registration for the Client Interview, Negotiation and Moot will close on Friday, 15 August.

Registration for the IHL Moot will close on Monday, 29 September.

Keep up-to-date via the GriffithLSA Facebook Page, and for further information about each competition, please refer to the relevant Practical Legal Skills Series Guide.

Any questions can be submitted to Louis Baigent, the VP (Competitions), at

The Association for Law Students at Griffith University, Gold Coast