Constitutional amendments

Notice for the 2019 annual general meeting of the Griffith University Law Students’ Association Incorporated has been given.

As part of this meeting, there will be a motion put to amend the Constitution. The motion will be worded as follows:

The Association resolves that the Constitution be amended by omitting all words and replacing them with those in the tabled document.

The proposed constitution can be downloaded here:

For your convenience, we are also providing a mark-up version of the proposed changes. Please note, however, that the motion will be on the proposed version only. Any inconsistency between the versions will be irrelevant as the proposed version will be the only referenced version in the motion.

For reference, you can find the current version of the constitution here.

If you have any questions in respect of the proposed amendments, please contact the President at or the Secretary at

Notice of meeting

For reference, a copy of the notice of meeting can be found here.